Gear Cutting

With an aim to provide value-added services to our customers and to stay in line with their requirements, R.B. Forgings has persuaded forward integration and has installed a gear cutting division in the name of "R.B. Gears Pvt. Ltd". We have added machines like Hobbing, Shaving, Shaping and Grinding of reputed make to manufacture and supply complete gears. Through this, R. B. Forgings has derived strategic advantage vis-a-vis its competition as the company is a one stop for forgings, machining as well as gears with the highest quality standard.
Our gear division has the infrastructure to manufacture a wide range of gears, shafts, and machined parts. We have a strong technical team to develop and manufacture the parts.We always incline towards a flexible approach that allows us to adopt to dynamic changes of automotive industry into our mainstream business.

Our range of Gear cutting is mentioned below:

  • Module: 1 to 7 mm
  • Diameter: 20 to 320 mm
  • Job Length: up to 1000 mm
  • Hobbing Length: up to 200 mm
  • Broaching Capacity (40 Ton): 200 mm Dia, 2 mt Length

Crown Pinion

With a mission to upgrade our infrastructure, the company continues to invest in high-end technologies and is always inclined towards a flexible approach that allows it to adopt to dynamic changes of automotive industry into its mainstream business. R.B. Forgings recently augmented its manufacturing capabilities and has installed state of the art crown and pinion cutting division.
We have installed modern machines along with an in-house facility for material heat treatment. We implement modern management systems inspired from export experience, in line with European standards of quality and productivity. With in-house forging, machining, gear cutting and heat treatment, we can provide our costumers good combination of technology, quality, price competitiveness and delivery.

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